About Us

My family


My name is Rick, (obviously) and first I’ll tell you a little about myself. Currently I’m blessed with three wonderful daughters who keep me motivated and support me to do what I do. Long as I can remember I’ve always been the outgoing type who likes to get in front of people. I’m also known for being a hard worker who likes to keep busy. It was while I was in college after I earned my Associate of Fine Arts Degree but before I had completed my Bachelors Degree in Business, that I decided to put my talents to use and I started my first business of Rick’s Mix & Rick’s Pics LLC, mobile disc jockey and photography in April of 2009. After I completed my degree and shortly before the birth of my second child, I became fully self-employed and took over Great Foundations Childcare Center in April 2011 and owned and operated there until January 2017. Both businesses flourished and it was in July of 2014 that I decided to combine my love of kids and my love of entertaining into Party in the House Inflatables LLC.

What first got me into being a DJ was my love of music. I played all sorts of instruments growing up and acquired all the equipment I needed to start a band. Later I curbed my dreams of rock stardom and instead used my knowledge of music and skills to amuse a group of people and decided I would be a DJ. Ever since I’ve done everything from parades to proms, and weddings to funerals.

The other passion of mine, photography, has been an interest to me since I was a kid. I took numerous classes in high school and college, including the Art Institute of Colorado. Beyond learning what I have in class, I’ve taken every chance I can to take photographs and I read as many books and web tutorials I can about photography, reading at least 1-2 a month and I actively participate in the Sheridan Photographers Association. Using my charm and entertainment skills I do a great job of getting people to laugh and smile and at big events such as weddings, my organization will get you back to your guests in a timely manner so you can enjoy all the fun too! My photos will show you looking your best while being comfortable and relaxed.

Now my latest endeavor of inflatable rentals has been a goal of mine for years. Being in the Sheridan area I know the hassle of renting such things from some other town. I’ve put a lot of time and research into creating Sheridan’s first and only party inflatable rental company. I’ve taken every effort to acquire fun, exciting, and safe units for any and all events.

Who knows what the future holds for me but I love doing what I do and meeting the many fascinating people here in town and making them happy!