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What is Rick’s Mix?
Since April of 2009 I have DJayed at hundreds of events and I get busier every year because of my outstanding and professional service. Whatever event or occasion, I’m the guy who will keep your guests entertained! Every event I do is unique and memorable; No ‘cookie cutter’ shows with me. I will do more than ‘just’ play music at your event. I will help coordinate activities, anticipate what your guests want, be your Master of Ceremonies, and even help you plan your event in advance! Here is a picture of one of my speaker set-ups showing that we bring professional top quality sound to your event. Our set-ups will never be gaudy or obnoxious. For every event we work with you to determine what is right for your event such
as what kind of lights, speakers, and microphones are the perfect fit for you and your guests.

As an experienced photographer and DJ of several years, I started Rick’s Mix & Rick’s Pics because I found out what trait both jobs require for an exceptional job; a GREAT personality! Whether I’m taking pictures or playing music you get only the very best from me as I will go the extra mile to not only get to know you and your guests but also entertain them! As an additional service I will help plan your unique wedding or event to be what you want it to be and more.
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Take a look at just a few pictures of the many events I’ve done!